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My U N N A T U R A L attraction
I smiled. You are so perfect. To the average person you're just like everyone else but I know better. I can spot a diamond even when it's not polished. Everyone else just doesn't understand you. I'm going to be your best friend. I breathed in with a heavy sigh. I just can't wait to see that smile. I tapped my foot repeatedly and looked around nervous, knowing he should be around any second now. It was cold out because winter had just come along but to me it was a meager chill considering I had just moved from Michigan not to long ago. A few girls from class tried to catch my eye and waved with big smiles. "Hey Amber." Monica, one of the girls, said brightly. I waved back and smiled brightly as they continued to walk along. I had to compose a nice expression so that my class mates won't see me as cold hearted but I hate girls. It's not like I purposely befriended them though, they came to me. It's because I'm pretty, I have long chestnut colored hair, my skin is nearly flawless, and I h
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Reverence of the few - Chapter 8
                      Reverence of the few- chapter 8
A shiver went down my spine as the teacher, who was lecturing about something, paced back and forth between the rows of desks. Why is it so cold in the school all of a sudden? I actually think Ms. Conners like's that it's so cold in here, because it's hard to fall asleep now.
I eyed the clock ; trying to make time go faster. Only a few minutes left but I'm so ready to go. Math class is my least favorite subject, so I'm alway's really anxious to get out of class. I tapped my pencil rhythmicly and glanced around the room. I looked down beside me to see Marcus asleep. I guess the cold isn't bothering him.
The bell rang shrilly and made Marcus sit up quickly. I laughed at him, but he just stared at me drouzily. Everyone sped out of the classroom and clustered around the door.
Marcus wiped the drool off the side of his mouth and
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Reverence of the few - Chapter 7
I blushed as June burried her face deeper into my sweater. I feel so bad for making her cry and now I have to leave her, which is even worse...but how am I going to do it? Maybe if I just speed up this process I can get out of here. I took a deep breath as I quickly hugged June back.
"It's's not your fault." I said in a sincere and sweet voice.
"Yeah it is..." A small mutter escaped from her.
Shit. It's not working and I don't have time for this. I stood up from my chair, hoping to tug away from June but amazingly she was still clinging my to me. Damn girl! Let go! I quickly hobbled over to Beans dragging June along.
Beans swung his head up to look at me. He shook his head and mouthed the words 'Oh, hell no.' but I ignored him and pryed June's arms off me and onto Beans, who tried to dodge her but was unsuccesful. That's what you get for saying I have a big butt. Beans gave me a death stare but I paid him no attention as I sprinted out the door.
As I exited the libary to my su
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Reverence of the few - Chapter 6
Reverence of the few-Chapter 6
       "Work, work, work." Ms. Willow mummbeled, sorting through the many papers on her desk.
She paused for a moment and got up rubbing her arms and shivering. The floor creaked noisily in the old classroom as she walked over to the window which was open and after some effort finally forcing the old window to slam noisily.
"Trouble with that window again?" Another teacher called from the hall.
Ms. Willow sighed. "Can't help these things, this school's so old..."
"I just finished grading my paper's so I'm on my way out, good luck finishing your's!" The other teacher yelled from the hallway.
"Yeah, I've still got a huge stack to check! See you tomarrow, Alice!"
Ms.Willow plopped back down into her seat and began degilantly checking papers. She did have an over whelming pile to check and it was already five oclock. Yet again she was the last teacher in the building, probally due to the large amount of students in he
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Profile picture with backround by Shay51 Profile picture with backround :iconshay51:Shay51 2 0 Reverence of the few - Ashlynn by Shay51 Reverence of the few - Ashlynn :iconshay51:Shay51 2 0 Reverence of the few - June by Shay51 Reverence of the few - June :iconshay51:Shay51 1 0 Reverence of the few - Marcus by Shay51 Reverence of the few - Marcus :iconshay51:Shay51 2 0 Reverence of the few- Jessica by Shay51 Reverence of the few- Jessica :iconshay51:Shay51 2 0 Reverence of the few- Beans by Shay51 Reverence of the few- Beans :iconshay51:Shay51 1 0 Reverence of the few- Trey by Shay51 Reverence of the few- Trey :iconshay51:Shay51 1 0
Reverence of the few - Chapter 5
Reverence of the few- Chapter 5
"What's the new lunch menu for next semester? What does the teacher's lounge look like? What is the horticulture club's new project? Find out in this weeks editon of Brookside High School Weekly! The answer's will surprise you, believe me!" June Lovett echoed through the cafeteria.
June was quiet for a moment, waiting for a reaction but everyone just stared at her unmoved. "Well...You can find copies in the y-." The noise of the cafeteria grew rapidly and June was quickly tuned out.
I turned back to Marcus, who was peeling a banana. "The paper sucks ass!" He yelled. It was true. "Yeah but if you be such a dick about it June will never like you." I teased.
Marcus smiled. "What she doesn't know won't hurt her."
"Wait what do I not know?" Jessica growled as she popped out from behind me, making Marcus jump.
"Damn it Jessica, stop popping out of places like that! You're like some kind of ninja."Marcus yelled.
Jessica laughed as she sat d
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Insanity by Shay51 Insanity :iconshay51:Shay51 1 0
Reverence of the few - Chapter 4
Reverence of the few
Chapter 4
An endless feild aluminated by a sun set shook in the powerfull wind that blew past him. He had shaggy bleach blond hair that was covered by a tabbogan and his skin was pale, which only made his light blue eyes stand out more. He was wearing his usual clothes, baggy and loose which drew attention to how thin he was. The peacefulness and quiet of the feild was interupped as his stomache growled. After scratching his scruffy chin he got up from the boulder he was sitting on and slowly walked back to his house, which was only a few yards away.
The house was small and the paint on it was chipped. Weeds were growing along the side of the house and spider webs were scattered all among as well. He swung open the door and it creaked noisily. The wallpaper inside was half peeled off the wall and the floor was full of dirt. He shuffled over to the kitchen, the counters were full of dirty plates and the flies that were around them. Then he leaned down and push
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Reverence of the few - Chapter 3
                               Reverence of the few
                                   Chapter 3
"This is where me, Jessica, and Marcus normally hang out." I say as I swing my self down into the oversized sewer that leads into a small pond that is near my neighborhood. The concrete walls of the sewer had graffiti all over them and you it was so big that someone could comfortably stand in it. You had a great veiw of the pond from there. I reach my hand up for Pheonix to help her jump down but my hand grabs nothing but air. I hoist myself up onto the concrete and look around for her but she's no where to be seen. "Pheonix?". I hear her soft voice inside the sewer.
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Winter Vu
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I aspire to become an expert at drawing manga and bring back comic books. I'm fifteen years old and I think style is the most important thing to have in drawing and in writing. I am christian and I'm inspired by god in my writing. Although I have never scanned any of my drawings on to the computer before I would like to someday, for now I guess editing out the paper to white will have to do :/ I love hard rock music and no I am not some emo/scene/hipster wannabe, I'm just me and I'd prefer not to put myself in a category.
Hoo'ray! Just got a twitter :0 I'll be posting Reverence of the few updates and pictures. I hate being new to twitter but I guess you gotta start somewhere :/...being a noob sucks XP. Anyway please visit my twitter, deviantart, booksie, or whatever because I would love some feedback and criticism especially.


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